Ray Charles. Photographed by Christian Rose.

That Paul McCartney Michael Jackson song is great but the music video I’m having flash backs already

I typed in scaryfonda once in my phone now its apart of the auto correct goodbyE

Scaryfonda sounds like an inappropriate Halloween costume


*selfie doesn’t get reblogged*
me: im taking a break from tumblr guys!! this website is toxic and bringing me down, i don’t know if I’ll be back but i love all of you :)


Twiggy at home with her family, 1966.

Thank you!! For the suggestions I’m just looking for any classic rock or soul kinda suggestions

If anyone has any OLDER music suggestions it’d be much appreciated

Robert Mitchum was actually an accomplished saxophone player often whipping it out at parties or on movie sets and wowing people with his skills.


Audrey Hepburn and Fred Astaire during the production of Funny Face near Chantilly, France, June 1956

“I just told my agent to forget all other projects for me. I was waiting for Audrey Hepburn. She asked for me, and I was ready. This could be the last and only opportunity I’d have to work with the great and lovely Audrey Hepburn and I was not missing it. Period.” - Fred Astaire

If anyone has any music suggestions it’d be much appreciated thank

I just saw that music video with paul mccartney and micheal jackson for ‘say say say’  I m…

♪♫ Martha, my dear ♫♪

If you tagged me in one of those thingys I’ll probably answer by the end of the week if I can